Stop Shuffling Spreadsheets

Manually cleaning spreadsheets is a major IT time sink. It soaks up staff attention and delays reporting deadlines. Beyond that, bad data leads to missed opportunities.

Data Valet Features

Compliant Cloud Service

Secure, HIPAA or GxP-compliant cloud service

White Labeling

White labeling available to our customers

Data Type Check

Check data types, completeness, date-time formatting, etc.

Domain Specific

Domain specific data dictionaries (ICD-9/10, CPT codes, DRG codes, etc)

Secure Upload

Support secure upload via web browser, shared file system, AWS S3, etc.

Automatic Validation

Automatically validate your teams data distribution


Notification system enabling alerts and webhook triggers on file vaidation

Contact Us

We draw on deep leadership experience from data-first health tech companies, like Jawbone, Aspire Health, and Health Catalyst. We look for opportunities to weave software, data, and algorithms into everything we do. The end result is a dramatically different way of approaching data engineering in health care, technology, and life sciences companies.

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