AI-Enabled Analytics

Superconductive Health is an AI-enabled data integration firm. We are focused on connecting, migrating, and normalizing health care data. Using a blend of machine learning and human expertise, we build a new kind of analytic system.

Healthcare has a messy data problem. -





Modernize Data Infrastructure

Our expertise in data science and data engineering enables us to quickly create a modern data infrastructure to ensure that clinical and operational dashboards and applications are fed secure, quality-assured data.

Accelerate Deployment of Data Warehouse

We use AI and Machine Learning to speed up deployment. Our expertise, paired with advances in technology, enable automated set up of infrastructure, HIPAA-compliant security, and clinical data architecture.

Data warehouse deployments are typically measured in years and months. Superconductive’s deployment of a standard data warehouse is measured in days to weeks. 

Maintain Continuous Data Quality

Superconductive's technological innovations keep data under test to ensure that secure, high-quality data is fed to dashboards, analytics and applications. This both speeds up deployment and reduces the long-term maintenance cost of analytics.

Enable AI/Machine Learning

Garbage in - Garbage out! The promise of machine learning models is often thwarted by the data. Superconductive’s novel approach to data testing provides assurance that when models are deployed, they are not confused by unexpected data.


Clients and Partners


Our Team

People are at the heart of Superconductive Health. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way.

The team is a rare blend of two crucial skill sets:

1. Expansive knowledge of health care and life science data.

2. Expertise in best practice for modern data engineering.

We’re passionate about using these skills to improve health care and life sciences.


Entrepreneurship and data. Aspire Health, Stack Labs, Jawbone, Massive Health. PhD in public policy and complex systems

Abe Gong

Operations, Client Engagements. Previously: Liberty Mutual, Orion Advisory, Partners Healthcare. Innovation, Strategy, Execution, Culture. MIT BS.

Elizabeth Immen

Healthcare improvement--quality and business outcomes. Research design. Experience: Harvard Business School, Toyota, Clayton Christensen Institute, Department of Defense. PhD, Harvard University.

David Sundahl

Client Engagements, ETL and BI. Health Catalyst, Partners Healthcare, PwC. ACO and Value-based Population Health initiatives.

Ben Castleton

Data Science & Data Engineering. Previously: Health Catalyst, TaskEasy, University Pharmacy. PharmD. Hardware hacker.

Taylor Miller

Software Engineering and infrastructure, Engineering Leadership, Client Engagements. Previously TaskEasy. BA English Lit, BS Psychology. Wood Hacker.

Greg Corey

Machine Learning and Data Products. Previously: Directly, Qualaroo/GrowthHackers, Actiance (acquired by Smarsh). MIT Ph.D.

Alex Sherstinsky

Data engineering and analysis. Previously Tapestry Research, Ipsos. BS Human Factors, MFA Sculpture.

Tal Gluck

Product. Making Data Science and Machine Learning into real products. Previously: Directly, Jawbone, Qualaroo, Jaxtr.

Eugene Mandel

Full-Stack Web Development, Engineering. Previously: Castlight Health, DoctorBase, Kairoi Health. BA in Molecular Biology.

Rob Lim

Data scientist with focus on analytic integrity in joint human/machine learning-based decision systems. Previously US Intelligence Community. BA, Math and Philosophy; MA: International Security.

James Campbell

User Experience, Front-End Development and Growth. Biotech and Fintech background: Previously: Leapcure (cofounder), Neilson Financial Services, Sanguine BioScience.

Kyle Eaton

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We draw on deep leadership experience from data-first health tech companies, like Aspire Health, Health Catalyst, and Jawbone. We look for opportunities to weave software, data, and algorithms into everything we do. The end result is a dramatically different way of approaching data engineering in health care, technology, and life sciences companies.